Transport21’s strategy for transport research is launched

12. December 2019 | News

Transport21 recommends increased research effort towards the missions zero, freedom of movement and value creation and competitiveness. The good life and a competitive business sector” is the strategy’s vision.  THEMA has assisted in the process

Transport21 is an independent strategic process established by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport with the purpose of suggesting how R&D efforts in the Norwegian transport sector should be conducted. Transport21 recommends increased research effort targeting areas that align with the following three missions:

  • ZERO – Reducing the negative impact of the transport sector to zero. Including zero emissions, deaths and injuries, noise and particulate matter
  • Freedom of movement – Everyone should have access to sustainable and efficient transportation that supports what they need to live a good life both in cities and districts. The transport sector must be organized in a fair manner for passengers and for the transport of goods
  • Value creation and competitiveness – The Norwegian transport sector must be internationally competitive. The solutions being developed in Norway must support the business sector so that companies can deliver good products and services in Norway and internationally.

The research efforts within these three missions will help align Norwegian R&D efforts in the transport sector to better support the vision “The good life and a competitive business sector”. Transport21 also emphasizes the importance of developing a broad knowledge platform in transport, in order to reduce the risk associated with investments in a sector experiencing rapid change.

The strategy was delivered to the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and the State Secretary Allan Ellingsen on December 10th.
According to the mandate from the Ministry of Transport, the main task of Transport21 is to carry out a broad strategy process related to transport research, to identify which research questions that are crucial to answer to solve today’s and tomorrow’s transport challenges, and to recommend how we can integrate the overall R&D effort in the sector in the best possible way.

THEMA supported Transport21 throughout the strategy process, which lasted from February to December 2019. Through the process, seven meetings have been conducted, collecting input from around sixty-five different associations from the business sector, research and education communities and the authorities. In connection with the meetings, more than 50 written contributions have been submitted. Several dialogue meetings and discussions with relevant associations have also been conducted. The involvement of people across disciplines and business, public actors and R&D environments has provided Transport21 with a good knowledge base for creating the final strategy.

THEMA wishes to congratulate Transport21 on a well-executed strategy process and a well-developed strategy. We would like to thank the strategy group, the Norwegian Research Council and the Norwegian Ministry of Transport, as well as all actors who have contributed to the strategy.

Read the entire Transport21 strategy (in Norwegian) >>

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