THEMA celebrates 10-year anniversary

2. March 2020 | News
THEMA 10 år

Since 2010, THEMA has established itself as a leading consultancy for advice and analysis on the energy market’s transformation. In 2019, we worked with over 150 Norwegian, Nordic and European clients. We look forward to continuing this work together!

From the very start, a deep knowledge of and long experience with power-market analysis has been at the core of THEMA’s expertise and the basis for our role as expert advisors.

Already, within our first year of operation, we had identified the business principle that remains the cornerstone of our work: that by combining a knowledge of markets, strategy, business development, regulation and market design, we deliver analysis and advice that is of great value both to our clients and to society at large. We will continue to do so.

Along the way, we have observed that our knowledge of how the power sector and power markets work has become increasingly valuable in more and more areas. For example, the electrification of the transport sector has become a natural extension of our core business and an area where we are continuously building expertise.

THEMA is now established as a sought-after supplier of energy sector prognoses and models, both in the Nordic market and in Europe, and this fact is reflected in our growing list of European clients and model users. In particular, we have built up an increasing client base in Germany and other German-speaking countries. In 2020, we’ll be joined by our first employees based in THEMA’s German office.

THEMA was founded in March 2010 by Åsmund Jenssen, Eivind Magnus, and Håkon Taule, all of whom had long experience working in the energy sector and as consultants. Since then, we have built our team bit by bit and, at the 10-year mark, THEMA has 11 partners, 14 consultants and analysts, and an office manager. And this growth will continue, with five new hires on their way in.

The combination of experts and experience that we offer is unique and has proven to be extremely valuable for the provision of advice on the fundamental transition of the energy system required to tackle climate change efficiently – while also securing social welfare and value creation. We look forward to continuing to help find solutions to the challenges facing both the public and private sector.

We have endeavoured to build a team that covers a broad range of academic specialisms, including technology, business, finance and economics. This diversity is an enormous source of strength.

Over the years, we have also collaborated with many Norwegian and international experts on issues requiring an even broader set of expertise or specialist competencies. THEMA is now part of an extensive expert network, in which we are recognised as a valuable partner. This is true both in consultancy and public projects, as well as in the research community.

In 2019, we conducted projects for more than 150 clients in the Nordic area and in Europe. Our client portfolio includes energy utilities and grid companies, investors, industry associations, manufacturing companies, transport companies, regulators and authorities.

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