THEMA offers in-depth market intelligence and analysis, supported by comprehensive databases and sophisticated modelling tools. Since its establishment in 2010, THEMA has become a sought-after forecasting and modelling provider for the European power sector, a fact reflected by its strong and growing list of European clients and model users.

We offer a broad spectrum of market analysis products and services, including price forecasts for the Nordic and European power sector, Investment support and PPA analysis, and advanced model solutions, including licenses for our renowned power market model, TheMA.

Price forecasts, investment support and PPA analysis

THEMA offers standard price forecasts for the Nordic and European power markets, as well as the EU ETS market, the market for Guarantees of Origin and the Norwegian-Swedish Elcertificate market. The forecasts are available both as a one-off product, or as a subscription service with quarterly updates. The European power market forecast includes Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Great Britain. The Nordic power market forecast includes Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. All forecasts are delivered with full hourly price series and market values for wind and PV. Based on our price forecasts we offer comprehensive investment analysis and valuation of assets. Further, we offer analysis of different PPA structures and pricing of PPAs.

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Nordic power price forecast >>

European power price forecast >>

Green Values >>

Investment support and PPA analysis >>


Highly sophisticated models form the core of our market analysis. We also offer licenses for our models, including our renowned fundamental power market model, TheMA, which is used by a wide range of clients across Europe. Please follow the links below for further information.

The power market model TheMA and modules >>

THEMA’s elcertificate model >>

Tailored advice, models, and services

The provision of tailored analysis and advice is an integral part of THEMA’s business. We support clients in their investment decisions and provide due diligence services, socio-economic assessments and tailored model solutions to our clients. Follow the link below to find out more.

Tailored advice, services, and models >>