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RiverTHEMA provides analysis and advice on the energy and transport sectors

Since its founding in 2010, THEMA has become sought-after for its advice and analysis on the energy and transport sectors. Our consulting services can be divided into three categories:

  • Strategy: We assist clients with both their corporate strategy and business development, including operational and organisational advice. Our strategy work is based on in-depth sector knowledge, and we can also apply our modelling expertise in order to provide a solid foundation for strategic decisions.
  • Policy and Regulation: We advise clients and authorities on a) how regulations should be designed in order to fulfil defined policy goals efficiently, and b) how market actors should adapt to and exploit commercial opportunities within different regulatory frameworks.
  • Market analysis: THEMA offers in-depth market intelligence and analysis, supported by comprehensive databases and sophisticated modelling tools. THEMA is renowned as a forecasting and modelling provider for the European power sector. Our services include off-the-shelf power price forecasts for the Nordic and European power sector, model licensing for our power market model TheMA, and bespoke investment support, due diligence, and PPA assessments.

These three service areas are strongly interlinked and THEMA is thereby able to offer holistic support, tailored to the individual needs of each project.
Our clients include all manner of participants in the energy and transport sectors, ranging from regulators and authorities, including the European Commission, to large European power utilities.

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