New grid model, TheGrid, provides insights into future grid challenges

20. October 2016 | News

THEMA has developed a new model for load flows in the central grid, TheGrid. The model can be used to analyze how trade across countries and flows within countries will develop in the years to come, and where bottlenecks can be expected.

Through modelling of hundreds of transmission lines and nodes, TheGrid model analyses the physical flow between the nodes of a power system. TheGrid identifies the location of physical bottlenecks.

TheGrid model can be used in combination with THEMA’s flow based market model. Hence, the model gives a unique opportunity to analyze the developments in trade capabilities across countries in the new flow based market coupling regime. It can also be applied to study the effect of new bidding zones, for example the splitting of the German bidding zone into two separate bidding zones (“North” and “South”), or to study the limiting effect of wind on the German-Danish border.

The picture to the right shows an illustration of the level of detail in TheGrid for the German power system.

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