Energi21’s fourth energy research strategy is launched

29. August 2018 | News

In its fourth national energy research strategy, Energi21 recommends increased research effort targeting six areas that will help prepare Norway for a low-carbon future. THEMA has assisted in the process.

Ënergi21’s fourth strategy was delivered to the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and to Minister Terje Søviknes on June 15th. It recommends increased research effort targeting the following six areas:

  • Digitalised and integrated energy systems
  • Climate-friendly energy technologies for maritime transport
  • Solar power
  • Offshore wind power
  • Hydropower
  • Climate-friendly and energy-efficient industry including CCS

Energi21 also highlights the importance of developing a broad knowledgebase within energy research, to account for the uncertain make-up of the future energy system.

Energi21 is an independent strategic body established by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in 2008. Energi21’s main task is to advise and provide recommendations on energy sector research. Its recommendations are presented in a national research strategy, which is revised and updated every 2-4 years.

THEMA supported Energi21 throughout the strategy process, which lasted from March 2017 to June 2018. The process involved close to 300 people from businesses, research institutions and public authorities, and covered the full breadth of energy system issues through strategic workshops with the actors. The strategy has been subject to public consultation. The broad involvement of actors across topics and spanning private, public and research institutions provided Energi21 with a solid base on which to analyse and make recommendations as part of the final strategy.

According to its mandate from the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Energi21’s recommendations should create additional value through national energy resources, the transformation of the energy system to improve efficiency and reduce climate gas emissions, and the development of internationally-competitive businesses. Climate and energy policy, technology development and digitalisation are important drivers and trends and underpin Energi21’s strategy. Similarly, security of supply and economic considerations form the foundation for the development of the future energy system and therefore help direct research efforts in the energy sector.

THEMA wants to congratulate Energi21 on a successful strategy process and a well-founded strategy. We would like to thank the administration and board of Energi21, as well as all of the other actors involved, for their collaboration throughout the process.

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