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Håkon Taule

Partner and Chairman
+47 400 67 400

Håkon Taule has more than 20 years’ experience in management consulting and is an expert in scenario based strategy development. He has previously worked for Price Waterhouse/IKO, Innovation Strategic Consulting and ECON. Since founding THEMA in 2010, Håkon has worked with analysis of politics and markets as well as strategy development for owners, boards and corporate management. He has led projects for companies in several industries, but in later years focused on the North European energy and power companies. His areas of expertise include energy policy, scenario analysis, strategy development, organisation development, business development, restructuring and corporate governance.

Håkon has an MSc International Business and Economics from Copenhagen Business School and HEC, Paris.

Energi21’s fourth energy research strategy is launched »

In its fourth national energy research strategy, Energi21 recommends increased research effort targeting six areas that will help prepare Norway for a low-carbon future. THEMA has assisted in the process.

Successful pilot increased the supply of reserves from flexible demand »

Statnett are continuing last winter’s pilot to encourage aggregated demand to participate in reserve markets in NO1. THEMA’s evaluation of last year’s pilot showed positive experiences and an increased supply of reserves from flexible demand.

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Renewables and interconnectors towards 2020 »

This report presents the results of an analysis of the welfare economic impacts of two to four new interconnectors from Norway to the Continent and the UK, including their distributional effects, and taking into account the expected increase in new renewable generation in the Nordic countries.

Too many tasks, too little money in the Norwegian Power Industry? »

This report covers the challenges regarding capital, competence and coordination for the power industry in southern Norway the next decade.

Challenges for Nordic power: How to handle the renewable energy surplus »

THEMA Consulting Group and Econ Pöyry are pleased to present the final report of the study Nordic Power System towards 2030.