portrettbilde, forfatter

Snorre Thorsønn Borgen

+47 484 63 459

Snorre joined THEMA as an analyst in June 2018. He holds a MSc in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU, specializing in Power Systems and Managerial Economics and Operations Research. In his master’s thesis, written in collaboration with Trønder Energi, he analysed optimal investments in components for stand-alone microgrids, focusing on the added value of modelling lifetime effects on battery units. During his studies at NTNU he gained further knowledge of the energy sector through internships at Statnett and Powel. After graduating with a top grade on his master’s thesis, he spent 4 months on the trading floor in Statkraft Markets, Düsseldorf. While he was there he performed a wide range of analytical work on behalf of both the short-term trading teams and the long-term energy management teams providing a continental perspective to his in-depth knowledge of European power markets, as well as experience using analytical tools and machine learning algorithms.