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Gorm Lunde

+47 995 70 302

Gorm Lunde has worked as a consultant since 1994 specialising in strategy development, business development/business creation and project management. Gorm has comprehensive experience and knowledge about the energy sectors in Norway, the Nordic countries and Europe. His experience with the energy sector includes: electricity utilities, grid operators, oil and gas operators, gas transmission, LNG as well as the service sector supporting the Norwegian oil and gas industry. Besides his specialisation in the energy/utility sector Gorm has a solid market understanding and knowledge about the transportation sector, construction sector and general industry through several engagements at many large companies in these sectors. His specialties areas include corporate and business unit strategy, organisational design, business development, operation and sourcing as well as transformation projects creating impact and change at client organization.

Prior to joining Thema Consulting Group Gorm was an Engagement Partner at Qvartz. He has also worked for Innovation Strategic Consulting and PWC.

Gorm holds an MSc in Energy Management from BI Norwegian Business School.


Transport21 lanciert Strategie für Transportforschung »

Transport21 empfiehlt verstärkte Forschungsanstrengungen im Hinblick auf Null-Emissionen, Bewegungsfreiheit sowie Wertschöpfung und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit. „Ein gutes Leben und ein wettbewerbsfähiger Verkehrssektor“ ist die Vision der Strategie. THEMA hat dabei mitgewirkt.