New employees

Lisa Zafoschnig, employee February 2019

Lisa Zafoschnig

After my studies in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management, I was moving towards a research focused path at a photovoltaic laboratory, but soon realised that narrowing my attention down to a specific technology would leave many of the fascinating and challenging aspects of the energy transition unexplored. When I applied at THEMA, I was hoping to broaden my scope of knowledge within the energy sector without losing the depth of understanding. Already during the interview process, the interaction with the partners at THEMA, who showcased their broad spectrum of knowledge, convinced me that I was taking a step in the right direction.

From the first day, I felt that my colleagues made an active effort to familiarise me with the style of work at the firm by giving me impactful tasks where my contributions were valued. The work culture is strongly centred on the exchange of knowledge, building of new skills and the trust in each other’s abilities. From an early stage on, you are given responsibility while at the same time having the support from more experienced co-workers and partners whenever questions arise.

My first assignment at THEMA was working on the European Price Forecast, which provided an insight into the well-structured work flows and group dynamics in the company, that are needed to publish a report of such high standards. Since then I have worked on various exciting projects with topics ranging from the assessment of the potential for onshore wind power, the challenges in the German Energiewende and the adaptation of DSO income regulation in Norway. As someone who loves analytical challenges, I am happy to also be part of the modelling team within THEMA, where I can build on the impressive work that has gone into the in-house power market models so far. One of my highlights was the annual Model Forum where I could present new features of the model to our clients, followed by valuable feedback and an engaging discussion.

Generally, THEMA offers many opportunities for growth, both on a professional and personal level. The internal courses, the flexible working schedule and the flat hierarchy are some of the many factors that make THEMA an exciting place to work. As an expat who moved to Norway for work, one thing that stood out to me was the support I received from the firm and my colleagues to learn Norwegian. The encouragement and patience of my colleagues motivated me to improve as fast as possible, without feeling pressured. Additionally, social events such as cross-country skiing with the team or summer barbecues with “Young in THEMA”, are a great opportunity to get to know the people and the culture better.

David Attlmayr, employee January 2019

David Attlmayr

With a background in international energy politics and economics, as well as a strong interest in the integration of renewables into the power system and the mitigation of climate change, I wanted to work in a company positioned at the intersection of politics, market and industry. THEMA’s interdisciplinary approach to problem solving in the energy sector combining strategy consulting with market analysis, embedded in a sound understanding of policy developments and regulation, perfectly fits this aspiration and thus facilitates a dynamic and stimulating day-to-day work life. Despite THEMA’s comparatively small size, the concentration of comprehensive individual expertise in energy and transportation allows the firm to tackle a wide range of economic, technical and business-centered developments and to delve into the complexity of the market without ever losing sight of the big picture. In a nutshell, an exceptional opportunity to deepen your understanding of the energy sector from all perspectives and develop the analytical skills needed in consulting and market analysis.

In my short time here, I have already been part of a variety of projects among others the drafting of our bi-annual market forecast, the development of the primary frequency response market in the advent of stationary battery energy storage, the alternatives to German transmission expansion to alleviate consequences of a potential price zone split, the analysis of GHG emissions in different regions in Norway as well as writing reports for the Swedish Energy Regulator and the EU. What distinguishes THEMA from other companies is that you collaborate with practically all employees and thus get a great understanding for whom to approach when intricate questions about specific issues arise, and generally when you need guidance and help. The flat hierarchy and a flexible work environment allow you to take on responsibility from day one, come up with your own ideas and bring in thoughts about how to shape the future of THEMA. You will always find an open ear, from fellow analysts to partners.
This also contributes to a great team spirit. In addition, THEMA’s buddy and mentoring system, the numerous social events, such as regular lønningspils, THEMActive (revolving around sportive activities that are topped off with good food) or Ung i THEMA events and special adventures (e.g. ski trips), make it the desirable work place it is: A company that makes you feel welcome and part of the team from day one. After 6 months here, I am more convinced than ever to have found my dream job, offering great professional opportunities and chances to develop, an inclusive team that almost feels like family and the additional benefit of living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world to enjoy nature. With much support and patience of Norwegian colleagues, even the language barrier can easily be overcome – i det minste på lang sikt. The enthusiasm for the language transition is almost as big as for the energy transition.

I can thus only recommend working at THEMA if you share an interest in the dynamics of an energy sector subject to crucial change and want to explore its challenges from multiple angles. You could not wish for a better setting to put your ambitions into practice!